Driving safely in winter weather can be a challenge for even the most experienced driver. It’s easy to forget after months of mild conditions that snow and ice demand careful driving and special preparation for your vehicle. But when 17 percent of all vehicle crashes occur during winter conditions it’s clear that we could all use a refresher when it comes to making our way through a winter wonderland.

Here are some commonsense ideas we’ve heard over the years — hope they help you!

    Winter Driving preparedness:

    • Always use your seat belt when in your car
    • Keep gas tank at least half full in order to avoid freezing
    • Check tires for proper inflation
    • Don’t mix radial tires with other tire types. Radial Tires decreases driving risks in the winter time and creates better support for your car.
    • Always look and steer where you want to go
    • Don’t drive tired! Driving awake and alert will decrease driving risks exponentially. Don’t warm up in your garage or else the fuels will spread into your home.
    • Avoid using parking brake in cold, rainy, snowy weather
    • Don’t use cruise control on wet or icy surfaces

     What did we miss? What are some tips you’ve acquired? Share them below, we would love to add to this list!